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Friday, February 12, 2010

...Dig on this excerpt from the book about that magical jaunt the Touch & Go crew took to the east coast in the summer of 1982 known as 'The Process of Elimination' tour...

Marc Berie (Necros roadie, Host of 'Why Be Something That You're Not' television show) -- One road trip I'll never forget is being a roadie on the Process of Elimination tour. We had this little freaking RV camper and I had so much fun on that trip. Brian Hyland had this big old painting of Pac Man, and roped it to the back of the RV and that was pretty much the theme of the trip. Everybody basically played video games and had a two liter thing of Coke at the ready because nobody drank.

Barry Henssler (Necros vocalist) -- The most important thing about Corey being in the band to me was we could borrow that motor home whenever we wanted.

Chris 'O.P' Moore (Negative Approach drummer)-- New York seemed the most mystical. We were a little nervous when we played there. Rob was tuning his guitar forever, he was so nervous. Glenn Danzig was in the front row. The Beastie Boys were there. Going to D.C. was fantastic. Meeting all the Minor Threat people was nice. We stayed with Jerry and Doyle from the Misfits in New Jersey. The Boston people seemed harder to connect to personally.

Tesco Vee (Meatmen vocalist) -- We stayed with Jerry and Doyle from the Misfits and their mom made us homemade egg sandwiches and lobster while we swam in their pool.

Tim King (Negative Approach roadie, Heresy vocalist) -- When we
stayed at Jerry and Doyle's house, I dove into their fucking swimming pool and broke my nose at the bottom of the pool. We played Boston the next day and those guys were fucking nuts, dude. Guys were diving off the stage with casts on their arms and they were out for blood. Everyone of those motherfuckers was gunning for me because I had a broken nose and two black eyes and they were trying to bust me in my nose!

Brian Hyland (McDonalds vocalist)- I had been listening to the Misfits 'Beware' for a year straight and here's Glenn Danzig saying 'Yeah, stay at my house, we'll watch shitty horror movies and silkscreen shirts'. I was like 'This is fucking awesome, man!'. It was like meeting Aerosmith to me. Steven Tyler rarely invites you over to eat his Mom's meatloaf. Jerry and Doyle would dye their hair black and flick it up and the dye would splatter on the ceiling of their basement. I remember their mom screaming in this thick New Jersey accent, 'Ya got the god damned dye on the ceiling again!'

Rob McCullough (Negative Approach guitarist) - Everybody traveled in the motor home, except Tesco who drove his little red Toyota. We whipped a lot of crap onto his car from the motor home. The toilet was stopped up on the motor home so everyone would pee out the window and try to hit Tesco's car.

John Brannon (Negative Approach vocalist) - O.P (Chris Moore) was only fifteen at the time, so he would tell his mom, 'Hey, can I spend the weekend at Graham's house?' and off we'd go taking him past state lines. I remember within the first five minutes of being in New York seeing Johnny Thunders walk down the street and fall down a flight of basement steps. I was telling all the guys in my band 'That's the dude from the New York Dolls!' but they didn't care at all.

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