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Monday, February 8, 2010


For those expecting a large tax return this year due to write-offs of illegitimate children in Walla Walla and other such false bizz, I present you with an auction for the holy grail of Midwest Punk wax collecting, the Necros first single 'Sex Drive'. Pressed in the ludicrous amount of just one hundred copies, this thing is tougher to find than a non-sticky Agnetha photo over at the Vee compound. If you gotta have it, follow the link below. Here's a few sneak peak/choice quotes on the 'Sex Drive' single from the book...

Barry Henssler – On the last song on the single, “Caste System,” there’s this guitar breakdown that comes out of nowhere in the middle of the song. It turns out there was this other track of Andy just screwing around on guitar that was left on there. When we heard it, we just left it on there because it sounded so fucked up. It was just one of those happy accidents.

Dave Stimson – If the whole thing sounded like that break in “Caste System,” they would have had a record!

Barry Henssler – The funny thing about it is Tim Story went on to become an artist on Windham Hill. He was nominated for a grammy for some project he did with Glenn Close. I just think of this guy doing some sort of Klaus Schulze soundscape and then being like “Oh, and here’s my other latest recording project” and it’s fucking “Sex Drive.”

Tesco Vee – Every week I’d go to Flat, Black and Circular and I’d count the copies they had of The Fix and Necros singles and think “Yeah...still five of each.” These records that are now worth thousands of dollars sat there for weeks...months.

Barry Henssler – I’ve got a buddy of mine who runs a label in Seattle and he’s always asking me these questions about the “Sex Drive” single. “Are the plates around?” “Were there any test pressings?” and I’m like “Man, Todd took the tape down to that studio and a month later UPS delivered a box of records to my house. There were no test pressings, no acetates, nothing.” We were pretty naive. We just saw that ad that said “Make a Record!” and we were like, “O.K!”

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