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Monday, July 19, 2010

MAIL ORDER MADNESS! -- (AKA -- PIMPIN' THE PAST ONE ITEM AT A TIME) We've been hearing rumblings here and there that some of you can't find WBSTYN at your local book or record store. To circumvent this problem, you can order the book straight from us ( author) along with some other pretty great stuff we've whipped up that was only supposed to be sold at the book release parties. Mail order is first come, first serve and once it's gone, it's gone and all that crap. Let's take a look at this stuff, shall we?

WHY BE SOMETHING THAT YOU'RE NOT - Detroit Hardcore '79 - '85 By Tony Rettman -- $15 ppd in USA (Potenial buyers from other countries, please get in touch for shipping rates)

256 pages of Midwest madness covering Negative Approach, Necros, Meatmen, Violent Apathy and more. Intro by Tesco Vee and tons of flyers and photos. In it's three week existence, this book has gotten props from high brows and low lifes across the world. Find out why. ALL BOOKS ORDERED DIRECT FROM THE BLOG WILL BE SIGNED BY THE AUTHOR!(Whatever that's worth to ya...)

'Finally, the real story is told!' -- John Brannon

WBSTYN FUN PACK! - $10 PPD in USA (Potential buyers from other countries, please get in touch for shipping rates)

The WBSTYN fun pack includes all three re-prints of BURP! Fanzine, a 'zine from the early 80's put together by John Brannon and Todd Swalla (drummer for Necros) under assumed names. As expected, it's zany as hell fun with show reviews, Midwest scene reports, many pictures of Brian Hylands' ass and the usual worship of the 4 Skins (With Hodges of course!)Also thrown in there is a print of a Davo Schiech shot. If you don't know, Davo was the guy who shot the photos on the Negative Approach 7" and he took some classic shots back then. There's 4 prints to choose from (see above) BUT YOU ONLY GET ONE IN THE FUN PACK! The fun pack is stuffed in a polybag,stamped and numbered and limited to 100. Buy now or pay later! SHIRTS!!! - $12.00 ppd Please specify size!!!(Potential buyers from other countries,please get in touch for shipping rates)

You got it! Two (count 'em, TWO!) designs and we think they look sweet as shizz.

First off, we got this classic Freezer Theatre flyer on a ice grey shirt. Pretty spiffy, no? On the right sleeve, we put the title of the book ala Wishingwell Records stylee.

The second design is the flyer for the Process of Elimination tour show in Boston on a black shirt with the WBSTYN title on the sleeve as well. Check it...

If you have any interest in purchasing some of this stuff, please get in touch via Facebook or send an e-mail message to -- WBSTYN at gmail dot com before sending money via PayPal or anything like that.Hope to hear from ya soon.

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  1. Well I'm Saul from france, how can I order shirts, for example?