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Sunday, April 4, 2010

FIRST BOOK RELEASE PARTY ANNOUNCED...CLEVO IN MID-JULY...WILL DWID SHOW UP? WBSTYN is back from his meditation workshops and green chile enemas in the mountains of Northern New Mexico and proud to announce the first of many dual book release parties between the WBSTYN bk and 'Touch & Go Fanzine - The Book'. On July 16th, Now That's Class in Cleveland, Ohio will be hosting the first party for both books and we couldn't be so thrilled. Since Clevo is the home to Confront, Easter Monkeys, Homostupids, Death of Samantha and many of our faves, we're making mud in our pants at the idea of having our first release party in this town! Hi-Oh!!! More info on the event can be found here --

More info here as it comes...Until's a sunny day here in Guidoville, we're gonna blast the first Adolescents LP and drink more Old Speckled Hens...why not do the same???

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